The swiss STB Company

Difuses Bild eines Menschen

”STB Unternehmungen GmbH” is an enterprise located in Switzerland which, among other, has been actively participating in development of highly effective amino acidbased medicine XR46®.

Main objective of ”STB Unternehmungen GmbH” Company is effective counteraction to the process of natural human ageing and to the disintegration related to the process.

High requirements to preparation quality were met with the help of cooperation of a Swiss pharmaceutical company in their laboratories, which laboratories produce optimized amino acid-based medicine XR47®PLUS by the request of ”STB Unternehmungen GmbH” in accordance with strict medical standards.

Scientific consultant: University Professor twice Doctor of sciences Johannes Huber, Vienna.

Due to unique composition and use of high-quality pharmaceutical products/substances in pure form XR47®PLUS stands out against the background of other marketed amino acids-based medicines. The unique composition, which includes high-dosed amino acids L-glutamin, glycin, L-arginine and L-lysine, make XR47®PLUS the only preparation which has nano-dimensional molecular structure and high membrane permeability which provides optimum opportunity for transportation of amino acids to corresponding cells. (Precursor preparation XR46® is not produced anymore).