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Testimonial XR47Plus

The effects of XR47, compared to its predecessor XR 46, appear much faster. Its effect on the nerves is impressive, patients can concentrate much better and are significantly more stressable (Burn Out, depression etc.). Slow wave sleep seems to last longer and the regeneration phase also improves.

Also the physical performance is increased with almost all patients. Some patients also mention a significant relaxation of the muscle tone during muscle tension.

A definite progress from XR46 and a nutritional supplement that is perfectly fitting our time.

Paul Knobel
Dipl. Natur Arzt DPS

Angelika Gerstel, 63128 Dietzenbach, Germany

Dear Mr. Blank

I have to say that I was equally eager and skeptical regarding the new XR 47.

Since I am taking XR 46 regularly for about 2.5 years and my health condition and my blood sugar level has stabilized, my expectations of XR47 were rather high.

Regarding the facts:

When I received the first box of XR47Plus about two months ago, the usual effects of XR46 appeared quickly. Even more, it is my feeling that the effects are more intense and appearing faster. The special combination of four amino acids are working well with me.

I congratulate you to this terrific product.

Best regards from Dietzenbach

Angelika Gerstel

Dear Mr. Blank

I want to quickly tell you about my first experiences with XR 47Plus:

Having started to take XR 47Plus about two weeks ago, I immediately realized an enormous growing appetite, that I could sleep through the night without taking any sleeping pills and specifically that my mood and vitality developed positively. Despite my disease (GBS), I am feeling all around stronger and more vital and I am looking forward to the effects after each ingestion since I realize them very quickly.

Altogether so far I can say that the use of XR 47Plus only caused a positive change of my well being and I will happily keep you informed about the further development.

Best regards from Karben

Yours Michael Grunwald.

I am 66 years old, fit and do sports.

Mountain sports of any kind, climbing, skiing, tours on snow shoes, mountain biking, cycling and playing golf are my hobbies.

It is well known with athletes that with intense long lasting sportive activity, huge amounts of amino acid L-Glutamate are consumed by the body.

For years I am taking protein shakes but now I am trying the XR 47Plus compound which was recommended to me by a friend and which I take as a nutritional supplement.

By taking XR 47Plus I want to avoid a lack of glutamate, which can cause a decrease of power. I already realized that with the additional taking of XR 47Plus, I have no loss of power. I feel „pumped up“.

Marcel Scheiner

Dear Mr. Gerstel

thank you for recommending the new XR47Plus.

Since having started taking it three weeks ago, I feel an improvement of my general physical and mental condition.

The effects of the amino acids appear fast and I feel more awake and concentrated during the whole day so I can organize my day far more active.

Thank you for your recommendation. With pleasure I will advertise for your great product amongst friends and acquaintances.

Best regards

H.W. Mahr

Dear XR 47Plus Team

I am and have always been a critical person, tending to be uninterested to negative when it comes to remedies of all kinds. So far, I had no idea about products related to amino acids or glutamate. A good friend of mine had recommended me XR46 as being a „great product with immediate effect“.

With pleasure I am sharing my experiences:

I am 43 years old and am a passionate golf player. Despite other opinion, an 18 hole golf course ( 3.5 to 4.5 hours) is a major physical and also mental effort. By taking XR46 and now its successor XR47Plus, I recognize a highly increased endurance at the golf course and even afterwards. Specifically I believe having noticed that my concentration remains constant throughout the whole round. Every golf player is familiar with the problem and consequently the importance of strategy and concentration throughout a long lasting 18 hole round.

I also realize that I do not suffer from sour muscles any longer, which happend before every now and then. Most interesting however is the effect this „glutamate product“ causes in the head...which occurs within seconds after the intake of XR 47Plus. I cannot exactly describe the feeling but I would explain it with a positive signal of being awake in the head.


It may well be a product of highest pharmaceutical quality, as the web page describes. However, It in my mind, could taste a little bit better :-)

N.M.A. Flandorfer

Dear Mr. Blank

I definitely can confirm that patients with bipolar disorder and patients with sleeping disorders react positively on XR 47Plus. Also enteric patients (Colitis Ulzerosa, Morbus Crohn etc.) react very positive on XR 47Plus. For over weight patients with ravenous appetite for sugar and carbs, XR 47Plus also has a positive effect due to its high amount in glutamate.

Within the last the months in our doctors office , we noticed via HRV measurement (heart rate variability ) that from more than 40 patients, 60% of the participating patients show significant deficiencies in deep sleep, energy management, burn out risk, enteric flora, metabolism, autonomic and central nervous systems etc. For over 80% of these patients we are are having success with XR 47Plus. Usually, the effect occurs within a few days, even under low dosages.

The positive effect can be made visual after 3-6 months by HRV measurement (cost about CHF 280.00).

Best regards

Paul Knobel

Dipl. Naturarzt DPS/TCM Terra Vit – Meilen / Switzerland

Dear Mr. Blank

My gastritis is gone!

After having increased the dosage to 9g, I already felt relief after the first day.

After two more days, I was free of complaint.

Generally comparing it to XR 46, I realize that it is faster and its effects are more intense.

I can only recommend it because it is part of my daily nutrition even when being in good health.

Kind regards

Massimo I, Oberrieden

Dear XR 47Plus Team.

My compliments, good product. Since taking the compound, I am less often sick.

My immune function seriously is better than before. Additionally, it is easier to keep concentrated.

Usually I was dead after 16.00 being at the office. Now, I have more reserves until the late evening.

I find XR 47Plus a product that is helpful for me.

My best regards

Andreas Meier


For several months, specifically since introducing XR47plus as successor of XR46, I and my wife are using this amino acid compound.

We are highly satisfied with xr47plus.

With consequent intake every morning on an empty stomach, I always feel very well and equally powerful on a high level.

I can only highly recommend xr47plus; a great product which makes life easier and also brings joy into every day.

Best regards

Roland and Jeanette Webe... / Thalwil

Reference Letter: XR 47 Plus
Wallisellen, 19 April 2016

Dear Mr. Blank

I like to share my experiences with the XR47Plus compound.

The potable powder was explicitly tested on 10 individuals during aday long courses in the field of security services. I myself participated in this test.

The following points should be mentioned:

In the morning, all participants were significantly more attentive.

Increased general well being.

Higher concentration, endurance and resilience.

Comparatively, the test results were 20 % better in average.

Satisfaction of the participants regarding effect and tolerance.

An outstanding product that I am pleased to recommend and that I will stack up on.

With security specific greetings

Andy Taubert

Brilliant Personal Security

Good morning Stephan

since 10 December 2014 I am taking XR46 on a regular basis and I am feeling really well. So well that it became natural.

This again became obvious to me after my changing to the improved XR47 Plus following a 10 days break.

My well being decreased on a daily basis. Not that I could not cope with it but with the intake I find myself again on a higher level of life quality.

Which I enjoy to the fullest.

Big compliment to your brilliant product.

Best regards and a good time


Dear Mr. Blank

As promised I am sending you a short summary about the results after the intake of the compound (XR47Plus) that you had sent me.

  1. better stool
  2. more energy
  3. stronger growing nails
  4. less sour muscles

Best regards

Digeronimo Loana

Dear Mr. Blank

I am pleased to send you a short testimonial respectively feedback regarding XR47plus. Currently I am having a patient, male, 35 years old, who took the product for about 6 weeks. He reports general vitality and energy. During working out, which he does twice a week, he recognized an increased strength of the trained muscles. An increasing power volume could not be elicited since the patient is already training regularly for quite a while. Additionally, I gave him magnesium and a vitamin B 12 complex because he has a physically and mentally demanding job. XR47plus has a good effect on the physical fitness and the overall life vitality.

The patient told me that he likes to take XR47plus about once or twice a year for an increase of the general strengths.

I hope I could assist you with this short feedback and remain



dipl. Naturheilpraktiker (natural health professional)

Dear Mr. Blank

I like to send you my feedback regarding XR47PLUS.

I am (about :-) 50 years old and asthmatic for about 14 years.

Of course I am under good medical observation and treatment and take various medication and inhaling solutions and unfortunately also for quite some time already cortisone pills.

Additionally, a chronic intestinal inflammation occurred about four years ago. While my intestinal condition is not always equally severe, my stomach often is in pain and causes problems almost every day (stool).

For about 5 weeks now I am taking XR47PLUS on a daily basis (mornings + evenings) one spoon and confirm a serious relaxing effect on my inflamed intestine. I am really glad about that.

I also find better, deeper sleep (sleeping through the night) since taking the product . Because of being almost in no pain / inflammation in the gut (for the time being) and because of better sleep, also my asthma has improved.

I am also realizing that I am more energetic in everyday life. This compound is helping me and I finally could decrease my cortisone dose a little bit.

I will continue to take XR47plus since it only did me well.

Janine C.N.

Dear Mr. Blank

Here you have my feedback for the new XR 47 +.
Throughout my life I almost never took any dietary supplements. Since two years I know XR 46 + and am supporting my body with it . It only reacts positively.

The improved formula of XR 47 + is noticeably more concentrate. XR 47 + incisively supports the circulation of my body and intensifies my libido significantly. I feel like going through my second adolescence.

Physical and mental activities like sports and profession are giving endurance, power and energy to my body and are surprising me every day. The special formula of this product affects my body on the subtle level like I know it from the times of being younger.
XR47+ as a dietary supplement qualitatively is a first class product and I can not think about living without it.

XR47 + makes me relax after a demanding day and provides for deep sleep until the next morning. I have not slept as well and woke up as relaxed in a long time.

Best regards
Mike Walthert

BB-Antiaging, Luigi Bertolosi
XR47plus and our customers

BB-Antiaging Body & Beauty center is known for professionalism and highest quality. Before giving a product to customers, it is going though critical testing regarding its effects and tolerability. We already applied XR46, the predecessor of XR 47plus, successfully for several years. The new compound exceeds the effects of the former product by far. This is confirmed by our anti-aging physician. Our customers have high expectations. We are convinced that with XR47plus we meet these expectations.

Lugi Bertolosi

Testimonial of Olga Miholapa

I am self employed, have two boys in school and are constantly working. I am always very tired at the evening, sometimes even in the early afternoon. I am having migraine like head aches. I am realizing a general weakness of my immune system.
What bothers me most is an allergic reaction of my hands' skin. I am a cosmetologist for about 8 years and usually work using rubber gloves. My skin sweating and not getting any air in the gloves during the two hour treatments resulted in a chronic eczema. Anything I did against this just gave a short relief and afterward I again had to fight neurodermatitis.
I learned about XR47 Plus from a friend.
I have started to use it two months ago. After a short time I felt more vital, less intense migraine and even a better mood.
Most important, my eczema totally disappeared.
I did not expect that after a few weeks of taking amino acids, I would be free of my problems.
I am more than happy and will continue using it and recommend it to my clients.

Testimonial XR47 Plus

after a break for about three years, I re-started Thaiboxing abut a year ago. In the meantime I am training 2-3 hours a day.
With this martial art, training is very hard and always results in muscle pain and being exhausted, which regularly brings me to the limit.
I am also teaching kids and beginners. In total I am having 6 years of experience with martial arts. However, since I am almost 37 years old, I am realizing that it is not the same and fast physical building up as in former times.

In general, I am feeling my age. Recently I came in contact with XR 47 and decided to give it a try.
After a short time I already can say that within the first week I experienced deeper sleep, am more relaxed and feel less muscle pain.
Also I am feeling more concentrated and experience a better general well being. Being an engaged athlete, I decided for a three months treatment with XR47.

I believe that I know my body very well and definitely can say that something in my body is developing positively.
I am eager to see how and which kind of changes the next weeks and months will bring.

David Nogatsch

ranioscal Therapie

Good Morning Mr. Blank

I thank you so much for the quick delivery and the extra pack.

Both customers who already started the treatment are pleased that they could feel first effects already after a few days. I cannot say more yet.

Myself, I just finished the first tin ;-). It still does me good. I continuously feel fitter. I may need more rest than a few years ago. But I can set up my breaks very well and can rest strengthen myself within. Regarding the pain in my joints and muscles and immobility, all that got better specifically since I like to move more again but it needs something additional.

One has to get used to the taste of the powder. But it is ok specifically because I know that no artificial flavorings and sweeteners were added. And in some fresh orange juice it is pretty well.

I hope this is sufficient for the time being. I will notify you if I have more to add.

Wishing you a nice spring day and greeting you cordially

Christine Hasler


Dear Colleagues,

considering that the product XR 46 is not a drug but rather a supplement (dietary supplement), I conducted an observation study with my patients who are mainly healthy patients without actual health issues. Only three individuals suffer from chronic disease like high blood pressure, hyperthyreosis or hepatitis c, which are easily controllable under medical treatment. The individuals are of both gender and between 20 and 75 years old.

Each of them took XR46 for at least three months. Until now I got the following results:

  • All patients reported better physical endurance.

The patient suffering from Hepatitis C, who also is the oldest in this group, is under Interferon treatment for seveal months already. She again started having long walks and doing the household. Specifically I noticed that her hair is growing again not in white but its natural color.

  • Three patients without any health issues told me about a significant improvement of their facial skin's tone and elasticity without them having changed their habits and lifestyle in the slightest or having undergone any special treatment for skin relaxation.
  • The observation of the patient suffering from hyperthyreosis sows that, despite a significant loss of weight (7 kg), and bad nutrition, her results for overall protein remained within the norm.
  • The patient who complaint about bad sleep, restlessness and anxiety out of persona reasons, now reported that she sleeps at least 4-5 hours without waking up.
  • The observation of a patient who is going through a years long penicillin therapy due to a high level of Anti-Streptolysin Titer showed a decreasing of this titer during the months he took the product XR 46..
  • Ona patient, who is in good health but who is an athlete participating in athletic competitions ( pro cyclist), told me about being less exhausted and the total disappearance of muscle pain.

I may add that I also observed myself because I am suffering from reverse leucocyte dispersion (usually there are more neutrophil es than lymphocytes, in my case, there are more lymphocytes than neutrophiles).

While taking XR 46 (for more than three months), two blood sampled were analyzed, which showed regular results.

Currently I am continuing my observations with a group of 10 patients who I asked to check on their entire and separate cholesterol levels, something I have been asked for.

Dr. Sophia Zafiropoulou

Dear Mr. Gerstel,
here are the experiences I made  so far with the observation of your sample XR46 for patients in chemotherapy.

1st Patient
Chemotherapy under Caely X (also see attached report of the patient, I personally  asked about  data protection).
With this patient , a remarkable relief  from symptoms such as  irritation of the oral mucosa, exhaustion (less  recovery phases  were necessary) but also the general well-being was positively affected. The patient is very grateful for providing the sample  to her and drafted a small protocol. She also is prepared for a personal exchange on the phone.

2nd Patient
Received XR46 straight after going through severe ovarian cancer surgery . The patient has been in a very bad overall and nutritional condition. Striking was the very good regeneration and mobilization as well as gain of weight under XR 46. However, a comparison of the situation without the use of XR46 is not available. The patient is continuing taking XR 46 and currently is in chemotherapy which, under XR 46, is under good tolerance in its second cycle.

3rd Patient
Currently under Mamma-ca chemotherapy. During first cycle severe side effects specifically regarding the mucosa. Exhaustion. I gave an XR 46 sample but did not receive any feedback so far.
Thank you again for the good co-operation. I kindly ask to forward this information to Switzerland.

Best regards
Dr. med Karen Gebler

Testimonial XR 47

About 3 months ago I started with XR 47. Back then I already mentioned that my concentration increased and that I realize deeper sleep and a better general well being. Generally I felt fit and I was looking forward as to how it would develop further. Until today I used XR 47 on a daily basis while training about 5 times a week.
It is unbelievable what happens with me. Within these three months my body fat decreased from 25% to 18% and I gained muscle mass. I weight 5 kg less and am in top condition which means that my metabolism works much better than before. What I achieved within these three months, physically as well as mentally, is unbelievable and would have been reachable only in far smaller steps before.
For me, XR 47 is the ideal supplement to my training and I can only recommend it. I did not think that I would ever get back in top form within such a short time. I am getting closer in reaching my goal and will continue working having XR47 by my side.

David Nogatsch